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  • ISSDC Vice President
  • ISSDC, Inc., member
  • Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs Approved Breeder
  • Mount Nittany Dog Training Club, member and budget committee
  • Nita Nee Kennel Club, member
  • Therapy Dogs International, associate member
  • Ethical Dog Breeder's Group (FB), member
  • Breeder's Symposium, attendee
  • Pet First Aid, certified
  • American Kennel Club Breeder Education Certificate, 2011
  • K9 College Cruise, 2011


About Us:


We are Kimberly & Michael Murnyack and we live in the small town of Snow Shoe in central Pennsylvania. Kim is a civil engineer employed by the PA Department of Environmental Protection and Mike is a heavy equipment mechanic for the local Operator’s Union. Together, we share our home with six wonderful Shiloh Shepherds, Moose , Terra, Kiana, Murphy, Brutus & Zayda and two Himalayan/Siamese mix cats, Eliot and Sophie.


Michael’s interests are Caterpillar equipment and long-range rifles, from which the dual meaning of our kennel name “High Caliber” is derived. For as long as I can remember, my passions have always been animals and nature. Although my college studies took me to engineering, animals continued to be a big part of my life. I had jobs in grooming, as assistant manager of a pet store, as kennel supervisor for an animal hospital, and have volunteered in wildlife rescue.


My involvement with Shilohs began after my adopted AKC German Shepherd had to be put down due to increasing health problems. I had gone to a breeder looking for a puppy, but a 3-year male who had hip dysplasia and had been through several homes due to aggression issues , repeatedly being returned to the breeder, came right up to me and started licking my face. I felt like this boy was pleading for another chance, so I took him home instead. He was a difficult dog to keep and could not be trusted with other people or animals, but loved me, my Border Collie and cat, and was loyal and protective. After he was gone, German Shepherds still held a special place in my heart, but I was afraid of ending up with more health and tempermant problems if I got another one.


Then a coworker told me about Shiloh Shepherds. I spent months researching them on the internet, then I just had to meet them in person to see if it was all true. So Michael and I went to the Shiloh Specialty in Punxsutawney in 2005 and I found the Shilohs to be everything I had hoped for. Thankfullly, Michael was in agreement that a Shiloh would be the dog for us, and a beautiful, friendly puppy named Moose decided Michael would be the person for him.


As I learned more and more about these amazing Shilohs, the more enamored I became of them, and after we were married and built our house, our Shiloh family began to grow. Visit each Shilohs’s page to learn more about them and our journey in to the wonderful world of Shilohs.


--Kimberly Murnyack